Textable’s basics

This part of the documentation is a tutorial that introduces the basic usage patterns of Orange Textable. It is meant to be read in the indicated order. Note that a basic familiarity with the interface of Orange Canvas is assumed; if needed,`this short tutorial <http://orange.biolab.si/getting-started/>`_ should provide you with the necessary backround.

Orange Textable is mostly about taking text in input and producing tables in output. What makes the transition from text to tables possible and hopefully easy is the concept of “segmentation”, which is at the heart of Orange Textable.

In this section, you’ll learn about segmentations and closely related topics such as strings, segments, widget labels and annotations. First, you’ll learn how to import texts, second to segment it, third to annotate those segmentations in order to transform it into tables. Tables enable users to analyze text data (context, count, length, variety, cooccurrences, etc).